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Visit Chatswood Life Clinic for a new lease of life. Unload your mental burdens with UNIQUE Spiritual Counselor Darvish Mehdi. As a client who experienced enormous life energies during my spiritual counseling sessions, I want to share my success story with those who have lost direction & accepted defeat in their lives.
During my emotional problems, relationship separation and financial loss which was ruining my life, I had the good fortune to read about Darvish Mehdi in a magazine and made an appointment. In the peaceful surroundings of Chatswood Life Clinic, I was able to reclaim my life energy and have my wounded spirit touched, lifted and healed in a very special way that has made me a mentally powerful individual today. Life is a gift. For success in all areas of life, don't hesitate to make an appointment to see Darvish Mehdi. You will be amazed.



I came to see Mehdi because I was feeling depressed, very fearful and feeling overwhelmed. After my first visit, my depression & fear was completely gone and I woke up the next morning feeling very happy. I also brought my daughter to see him for her asthma and she is much better now. I feel both of us got more from Mehdi than what we originally came for. I am stronger, happier and am very grateful for having met Mehdi and his family.



My name is Anhita and I developed serious mental problems during my teenage years and ended up in a Psychiatric Ward in Hospital for 6 months. After being released I continued on medication and became very overweight, gaining nearly 30kg and became ill again during my studies. The principle phoned my mother as he felt I was in a dangerous situation and she picked me up from school. This time my mother didn't return me to hospital as she found out about Mehdi through friends. Mehdi healed my Mental problems and I was able to come off my medication and loose the excess weight. I went on to University and am doing very well. I want to thank God for sending Mehdi who saved my life.



What can I say but THANKYOU MEHDI from the bottom of my heart, I owe it to you for the positive white light around me & the journey of life that is my gift from GOD. It was in my darkest loneliest hour that I was reading through my monthly spiritual magazine looking for hope or a sign that would help me out of my pit of despair that I found your message. A message to anybody who is suffering from the many debilitating issues that engulf us in today’s unforgiving society, ranging from anxiety, depression, fear, relationship breakdown just to mention a few. As I skimmed further down the ad it was the next two words that stopped me in my tracks. EATING DISORDERS! At that moment I picked up the phone with anticipation to dial the number stated at the bottom of the page knowing full well that I had called many other healers in the past for the very same reason but to no avail. Call me optimistic but for some reason that I couldn’t shake, this message felt different to me & I couldn’t explain it then & I struggle to explain now. All I know is that when I saw Mehdi’s gentle face in the advertisement I sensed a feeling of peace & serenity that I had not felt in awhile so it was all good to me. A lady named Tracy answered with a pleasant & friendly English accent & it was at this point that I broke down & sobbed barely being able to mention my name let alone say hello. Tracy immediately soothed me with her understanding words & calmed me down so I could finally let it all out for the first time in years. After a long but much needed chat about my fight against anorexia nervosa & bulimia, the endless days of starving & exercising through to the nights of binging & purging to compensate, I was sure I wanted to make an appointment to meet with Mehdi & start my road home to recovery & health.

Once the day arrived for my appointment at the Chatswood Life Clinic where Mehdi sees his clients I knew I had a chance here to really get some serious answers about not only my eating disorder but life in general, the journey of life. I’m so grateful to you Mehdi for the true to life healing technique that has transformed my body full of negative, draining energy into a beautiful healthy body full of positive life force energy & the benefit of breathing exercises & special meditation techniques you teach. I will always sing your praises to people Mehdi urging them to contact you so that they too can gain freedom from the pit of despair & the feeling of hopelessness that so often takes its toll on our happiness & health.



At over 40yrs old, I have met many wonderful people from all walks of life, but Darvish Mehdi is one very special person. I went to see him for counseling & healing and he became a very special friend to me. I was always amazed to see how he placed commitment and importance - giving his time & energy to always being there to help others in their time of need.

Firstly, through his wonderful counseling, he helped me find true forgiveness from my heart towards my x-husband who had an affair after 24 years of marriage. I felt emotionally destroyed by my marriage breakdown and finding true forgiveness released my intense & deep pain, enabling me to concentrate on rebuilding the important balance of life for both myself and my children. I was able to rebuild a good friendship with my x-husband which was definitely an important benefit for my children's continued relationship with their father and at the same time I felt able to rebuild my life. A few months later I visited Darvish Mehdi to seek healing for a long time back condition. My condition had caused me immense pain on and off for years, whereby my family witnessed me sometimes even struggling to get out of bed, let alone be able to walk properly. Often, the only way I could relieve this pain was to sit against a wall for at least half an hour and gradually ease my spine into a certain posture to be able to release enough of the pain to walk. 'This situation would come and go totally unexpectedly - I would experience many weeks pain free and then suddenly it would take me by extreme force and disable me for days. It was a terrible situation which continued for many years without any medical answers other than strong medication which I didn't want to continue with. After one healing session, this problem has never re-occurred which has now been over 2 years.

Thank you so very much Mehdi



Thanks to the helping healing hands of you Mehdi, you have put our lives back into a positive way of life. It hasn't only enhanced Connor's life but ours as well. We have our lovely wee happy boy back again, and although there will be times when things won't always go as smoothly as they are, I'm sure we will all cope a lot better. Connor is doing very well in school and has made lots of friends. He has also received certificates for his short story writing and loves soccer now, and is willing to give a lot more things a try. He has more confidence and handles different situations in his stride. Connor is also getting on very well with his sister Ashlyn and his older brothers - a much happier home. Connor has come a long way from being a very unhappy boy with sleeping, anger problems and unable to relate to other children. Connor talks a lot more about his feelings to his father and I and that's great. Thanks so very much Mehdi for giving us back our little boy that we always knew we had, and thanks to both you and Tracy your lovely wife for being there for us.



My name is Leigh and I suffered from exercise induced Asthma for 18 years and at the age of 21yrs, after seeing Mehdi, I am finally able to enjoy my sports without getting breathless. After moving to New Zealand, my Asthma became worse and I had a fairly serious attack in early 2003, ending up in hospital. I heard about Mehdi through my mother, and even though I had reservations about Spiritual Healing, I agreed to have a few sessions to hope for some improvement. After the first session I felt something was different and over the following month I had four further sessions, noticing I was able to reduce my inhalers greatly. By the 5th session I no longer needed my medication at all. I am very grateful to Mehdi who has given me a greater quality of life.



Luke has had a fear phobia for about 12 months, where he wasn't able to walk too and from school alone, not able to sleep in his bedroom because it was situated close to the front door of our home, and couldn't go outside by himself at night. He was often very angry and stressed. After only 6 counseling sessions with Mehdi, his phobia completely vanished! He's able to walk too and from school, sleeps well at night and his whole attitude has changed - anger & stress has disappeared and he's very, very positive. Both friends and family have commented on his change, and we're very happy.



Dylan suffered from Chronic Asthma for 12 months. He was constantly on steroid medication and daily took ventalin and preventative inhalers. He lost his appetite and consequently suffered dramatic weight loss. We sought medical and specialist advice, only for Dylan to be given more medication which we weren't happy about & which was also very costly. As my son Luke was already having sessions with Mehdi, I decided enough was enough and after Luke's very successful healing, I brought my son Dylan. At the time of seeing Mehdi, Dylan had pneumonia and was a very very sick boy. He wasn't able to go to school for 2 weeks and was having many asthma attacks. Dylan had only 9 sessions with Mehdi and WOW, what a different boy!! To my mind, Mehdi is a God! We had a family picnic which involved a lot of running, playing soccer, touch etc; and Dylan was just "going for it" the whole day without one wheeze or complaint. Dylan no longer takes any preventative or ventalin medication for his asthma and no more steroids - yeh!! I would pay any amount to see Mehdi! he and his lovely wife Tracy and beautiful children are an amazing family - very friendly and welcoming. Anyone with an illness or problem should see Mehdi to have the difference in their life.

CATHY - Mother of 6 and a converted mother to natural healing!


I would just like to say thank you for healing me in such a short period of time. Before you healed me I couldn't walk anywhere with out someone coming with me and I couldn't sleep anywhere except for my younger sisters room in the house. Now that you have healed me I can walk to school, shops and sleep down in my room (sleep out). Thank you also for healing my Asthma. Before you did this I could only hold my breathe for short period of time. I can now hold it for about 1 minute

LUKE WELLACOTT - at age 13


I Devina Collins had my Asthma healed by Mehdi. It only took three sessions. It's amazing as I've never been able to breath the way I do today. I have stopped smoking cigarettes as well as dope and feel fantastic. I feel in my heart and soul Mehdi has done a wonderful job through his gift of God. Thank you so much Mehdi.



This is a healing sanctuary of high integrity and giftedness and I witness a true servant of God. Thank you Mehdi for availing your soul as a conduit of God's great love. Thank you Tracy for honouring this servant. Two angels in my midst.



I'm aware of Mehdi's spiritual belief. he follows a very high value of love and respect for people. I've been a witness to Mehdi's healing capability through areas in my own life and my daughters, whereby I've had my migraine healed and my daughter's ear infection was totally healed. I've also had healing with personal problems which affected me for 15 years. Mehdi has been a very close friend of my family. We love and cherish him very much.



When Mehdi applied his form of healing over areas responsible for my Asthma without touching my body in any way, shape or form, I began to feel a gradual immense relief within my physical, mental and emotional being in regards to my Asthma. I have had Asthma for 40-41 years. As the healing was taking place I could feel a warm gentle rolling wave shift motion of energy bursts, energy replenishing and reassembling then settling down, then finally a further wave of reassurance cementing everything into place. The first session took 10 mins and I have not had cause to use my inhaler since. Now I can honestly say with surety that I know I am clear of Asthma and that with total lack of self care and lack of wisdom would I personally bring it back upon myself.

Kia Kaha Koe I au mahi wairnatanga mo te tangata.



My first healing session with Mehdi helped me tremendously, especially my eyes. The second session took the pain out of my right shoulder and legs and my mind is alot more clear. I feel like I have more energy and feel more positive
Thank you.



During 2002 I suffered chest and back pain, which gradually became worse until I was unable to move without a lot of suffering. I received Spiritual Healing from Mehdi and during one session I was completely without pain and able to move freely. I have not had any re-occurrence of this problem since my healing. I had also suffered migraines for many years and was healed during a 10 minute session with Mehdi. I have not suffered any more migraines.



I’m 27 years old and have battled with anorexia since my teens.  I was 172cm and weighed 41kg before seeing Darvish Mehdi.  My mum and stepfather were clients of Darvish and because of the incredible help he gave them, they encouraged me to make an appointment as they were always so worried about me.

On my first consultation I was really shocked at the immediate change I felt in myself.  The following week, my partner of two years wanted to come with me to meet the person who had changed me so dramatically!  Over the following weeks, I became more emotionally stronger in all other areas of my life as well.

I continue to gain weight, I feel healthy for the first time I can remember and enjoy life to the full.  The stress on my relationship has gone because my partner doesn’t worry about my health any more and I feel I’ve got my life back.

I want to thank Darvish Mehdi so much for changing my life.



I have been married for 30 years.  I work in my husband’s business & one day I caught my husband being intimate with his secretary.  I felt so hurt & betrayed; I wanted to end my life.  At home that night I was only thinking about how to die, I just didn’t care.  I saw Darvish Mehdi on Channel 4 TV station and called his number immediately.  This was close to midnight and when I explained my situation over the phone and the fact I wanted to end my life, Darvish Mehdi convinced me not to do anything and told me to visit him straight away.  I was shocked someone would care so much and I drove to his home/office. 

He counseled me and gave me very strong energy and I felt different straight away.  I left feeling I wanted to live and face what had happened. 

I continued to have counseling and was able to forgive my husband and we are happily back together.  Darvish Mehdi also gave me a special potion to help my self-confidence & I began to feel really good about myself.  When I returned to work again with my husband, our clients commented how much I had changed and some even asked if I had a face-lift or some surgery as they said I looked so good!  I couldn’t tell anyone what had happened but I believe God gave me the opportunity to see Darvish Mehdi on TV that night, which turned my life around.  This potion also changed my husband and he behaved completely different towards me and continues to show me love and respect like he did many years ago.

I cannot express in words how much Darvish Mehdi has done for me.  I owe him so much.


Mehdi Healing