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Teaching DVDs

Mehdi communicates his knowledge and experience directly to you through his range of DVDs. Each DVD covers a variety of important areas that will impact your life.

Journey of Life - DVD OneTools for Life:

Mehdi's 'Tools For Life DVDs took two years to produce.  Once available throughout  2006 and 2007, these remarkable dvds received an overwhelming response from local and international clients of Life Clinic Counselling before an advertising launch in early 2008.  These series of DVDs are directed and produced by Mehdi, hosted and edited by his wife Tracy.


  • The Meaning of Life
  • Understanding our Journey
  • The Benefits of Meditation
  • Unlocking our Treasure
  • Forgiveness
  • Managing your Anger
  • Finding your Inner-self
  • Energy of Water

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The Meaning of Life is an incredibly powerful segment and a main 'tool' [or key] to bring us back to the basics of reality! It covers important areas, where we are able to take a step back and define our lives and look at the importance of what we are doing and what we are achieving.  Mehdi understands the difficulties of coping with hectic schedules, long working hours, raising families and somehow in the midst of everything, bringing fruitfulness into a relationship.  Everyone deserves to enjoy all aspects of life, but unfortunately, during our varied and busy existence in today's society, we can easily 'loose' focus and direction.  This powerful segment allows us to put aside what we think are important routines and lifestyle issues and evaluate the real meaning of life.

Understanding our journey is a beautifully presented and emotional section, covering the importance of recognising our abilities and how we can help others in significant and positive ways.  Mehdi clarifies the valuable role in taking responsibility for our actions in all areas of our lives.    

Benefits of Meditation - Mehdi speaks about the importance of replacing negative energy with positive energy.

Unlocking our Treasure - Mehdi reminds us of a 'natural treasure' we are born with.  This treasure enables us to love and care for ourselves and others, though it can be easily lost by simply not understanding ourselves on a deeper level.  Mehdi is passionate in providing direction to help recognise our treasure, bringing connection to ourselves in order for us to love ourselves, which in turn brings love from others.

Forgiveness is a significant area and very much a learning process of ceasing to feel resentment or anger towards another person.  Mehdi speaks about the consequences of living with negative feelings and explains how we can learn to forgive past events.  He teaches powerful meditation techniques to bring peace and forgiveness into our lives, creating a more positive future.

Managing Anger is an important skill, enabling us to safely express intense emotions, after all, we can't physically and emotionally lash out at every person that irritates or annoys us.  Anger is a normal human emotion and Mehdi teaches how we can learn to change this pattern of behaviour through meditation.

Finding your innerself is about understanding strengths and weaknesses on a deeper level. It's important that we challenge ourselves and are able to question what we should be doing this very moment. Life can sometimes seem like scaling a mountain, but it's important we feel able to continue scaling the next one, followed by the one after that.  Mehdi speaks about how we can find our true potential and takes us step by step through meditation to help us succeed in conquering the highest mountains in life.

Energy of Water - Mehdi takes you step by step through a water meditation technique and explains the many benefits of receiving energy through water.


Life, Love & HarmonyLife, Love & Harmony:

Life, Love & Harmony is a beautiful teaching dvd explaining how we can bring balance into our lives.

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to accomplish inner-contentment in today’s hectic lifestyles? Walk with Mehdi on this exciting journey and learn more about how you too can enjoy the benefits of Love & Harmony in your life.

Life is a gift and often taken for granted as we get caught up in different situations. This dvd raises awareness that often lays buried beneath the surface of our daily existence. Relax and enjoy Love, Life & Harmony.

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Journey of Life - DVD TwoTOOLS FOR LIFE:

  • Relationships, Communication & Intimacy 

Relationships are a basic human need, based on trust, love, intimacy, loyalty, fidelity, commitment, meaning and purpose. Surprisingly, few people know how to achieve these important areas, therefore, allowing problems within the relationship to continue unresolved, which only leads to relationship breakdown.

Mehdi speaks about the importance of communication, resolving conflict and areas of difficulty. He explains how we can maintain focus and energy to resolve serious issues quickly, therefore reaching a mutually agreeable point of resolution.


The meaning of Intimacy can vary and in many relationships has more to do with shared moments than sexual interactions. Intimate feelings can be connected or confused with sexual arousal. Intimacy is linked to feelings of closeness, safety, trust and transparency among partners and for intimacy to be sustainable and nourishing, it requires trust, transparency and rituals of connection. Mehdi speaks about the importance of intimacy in a committed relationship and the destruction that can be caused between couples when intimacy is blocked - usually because of unresolved resentment. He teaches the importance of having the ability and choice to be close, loving and vulnerable, which requires identity development and knowing yourself and your inner-self in order to share and enjoy intimacy with another person.


Journey of Life - DVD ThreeTOOLS FOR LIFE:

  • Building a future
  • Trusting ourselves
  • Having confidence

Building a future is something we all try to achieve as we leave school and become independent in life; however, we are not limited to age and can build a future at any time in our life if we set our minds to succeed. Mehdi teaches us the importance of first building a solid foundation in our lives to enable us to create a good future.

Trusting ourselves is very important and affects our emotional wellbeing. It is important to learn how to stop feeling inadequate and helpless in our daily lives, unable to trust our capacity to deal with life, which inevitably leaves us in a perpetual state of fear. Mehdi helps us understand how we can trust ourselves in making the right choices and find a more peaceful life.

Having confidence is something that many people struggle with and is important for our self-esteem and wellbeing. Lack of confidence can cause problems, especially when society shows how we should look and act.  For some people, this lack of self-confidence can affect every aspect of their lives, which is why Mehdi concentrates on teaching us how important it is to become stronger within ourselves, enabling a peace to exist in our lives, therefore gaining greater personal achievements. At the same time, we can have a powerful impact in the lives of others by showing the joy and happiness in our own lives.


Eating Disorders

These following three DVDs are targeted to helping people with eating disorders.


Anorexia NervosaAnorexia Nervosa

It's hard to believe that approximately one percent of all females in just America alone are starving and exercising themselves to death. Can you imagine how many women worldwide are affected by this devastating eating disorder, let alone men?

Anorexia can be deadly. Many people aren't aware it has one of the highest fatality rates of any mental illness.

Anorexia sufferers are consumed by thoughts of weight, body image, food and calories. It isn't something they can just snap out of and is a desperately lonely experience that can take years, if not a lifetime to overcome.

Mehdi's inspirational DVD on Anorexia Nervosa, teaches you, through his counseling and techniques, how to deal with your disease, giving you hope and faith, like thousands of others, to enjoy the fulfilling life you deserve.


Bulimia NervosaBulimia Nervosa

Sufferers of Bulimia Nervosa are more often able to 'hide' their eating disorder. Nearly all have suffered from Anorexia for lengthy periods of time, where they are unable to hide their starving bodies from people.

Bulimia Nervosa sufferers do two things - they eat copious amounts of food and then work very hard to get rid of what they have consumed. They often can't control their food intake and continue 'binge' eating until all the food has gone. When the food has been consumed, they are overcome with guilt and repulse and will do many things to get rid their guilt, including induced vomiting, laxatives, enemas or other medications and others will fast for days or exercise excessively. The goal is always not to allow their bodies to absorb any of the calories that were consumed in the binge.

Mehdi shares his deep understanding of the shame involved in this often 'hidden' disease. He talks you through directing your strengths into making the changes necessary to beat this debilitating disorder. He also teaches an amazing technique to help deal with the strong desires of binge eating.


Compulsive Overeating DisorderCompulsive Overeating Disorder

This disorder is also referred to as 'binge eating disorder'. It is characterized by an addiction to food, where a sufferer has episodes of uncontrolled eating or binging, even after they feel full.

This disorder is strongly associated with emotions; as most sufferers turn to food to deal with their feelings, cope with stress or to fill a void in their lives. Many feel they’re not good enough and need love and validation, and without it, can turn to food as a way to forget the pain.

People suffering with compulsive overeating disorder tend to be overweight or have a history of severe weight fluctuations and feel guilty about their excess weight.

Mehdi's DVD speaks about the deep emotional issues, which can involve emptiness and/or lack of self worth. He teaches you how to value yourself, and with his technique, helps you to find inner peace, which is invaluable in leading a happy life.


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