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Now is the time to save your life, your love & your health before it's too late!

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Welcome! It?s Mehdi's pleasure to invite you on the most powerful Journey of Life!


Inspiring people to live their lives to the fullest potential and help in accomplishing dreams, desires, purpose and significance. 


As a communicator, mentor and role model, Mehdi's instinctive passion to make a difference in people's lives has spanned more than 30 years.  As a husband, father, grandfather and friend, his life reflects the messages he teaches of value, worth, purpose and dignity, helping people who are facing diverse challenges in their lives.

Mehdi's work is highly respected internationally as a distinguished teacher of universal life skills.  His inspiration to produce the 'Tools for Life' series of DVDs was to reach people unable to visit his clinic in Australia.  Mehdi's teaching and easy-to-follow tools and techniques on his DVDs have impacted many people, creating important changes in their lives.

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Mehdi's natural therapies include Hirudotherapy [use of leeches], which are known and used in many countries to help a number of health issues.  


Welcome to Life's Journey


Mehdi Healing