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Welcome to this very important area. Remember, it only takes one of you to be stronger and knowledgeable to save a relationship simply through understanding the simple keys to a good life together. Everyone needs to love and be loved. We can all live together under one roof, but can experience a significant distance through miscommunication.

Through years of experience meeting and helping many couples, I have great faith in rebuilding the most broken relationships, to the point of making your original foundation even stronger than it was. Everything is achievable when couples acknowledge there is a problem.

We can all agree that every house needs a good foundation…yet many people don’t realise the importance of a good foundation in a relationship. I can teach you how to achieve that foundation to build a happy and healthy relationship, which is a very real thing, remembering the feelings you shared when you first fell in love, when it was impossible to look at each other without smiling... simply spending time alone together was the perfect night and the attraction between the two of you was strong.

Main causes of arguments:

Difficulty in communicating

Lack of listening skills


Difficulty in understanding the main seed of the problem

Inability to accept opposite opinions

Inability to compromise

Anger problems

Financial difficulty

Lost intimacy

Everyone can easily learn my “relationship life skills”, bringing happiness & contentment in your life.

I will help you find hidden resentment that is lurking under the surface and give you vital skills to prevent further resentment building in the future. Just acknowledging resentment can bring instant relief.

I will teach you how to discuss long-standing issues together that you’ve been unable to forgive.

I will teach you to develop skills to diffuse potential arguments, learning negotiation to resolve things that you can’t agree on.

Remember, if you were happy once, you can be happy again.

Mehdi Healing