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Welcome to this area. Firstly, please don’t feel you’re alone. Many people suffer some form of depression.

Depression is not simply normal sadness, being moody or just a low feeling, but a serious illness. It causes both physical and psychological symptoms. Depression is common, up to one in four females and one in six males will experience depression in their lifetime. Depression is the leading cause of suicide and too often it is not recognised or treated. My treatments for depression are safe and effective.

Depression can be caused by many different reasons, particularly unresolved personal difficulties. Different types of depression often have different symptoms, all requiring treatment. Research indicates that recent events leading to depression are not as destructive as long-term situations such as unemployment, childhood issues or living in a continuous abusive or uncaring marriage/relationship.

Depression and Anxiety can run in families. Some people will be at increased genetic risk, however this does not mean you will automatically experience depression if a parent or close relative has suffered. The circumstances of your life will have a significant effect on your chances of suffering depression or anxiety.

Different types of depression:

Psychotic depression - a severe form of depression associated with hallucinations (e.g. voices heard inside the head) or delusions (e.g. extreme or false beliefs of guilt, shame, poverty or ill-health)

Melancholia - a severe form of depression often associated with mental and physical slowing and severe disruption of sleep, appetite and concentration.

Major depression - a persistently depressed mood for at least two weeks that is associated with loss of pleasure in most activities and results in loss of personal, social and work function.

Mixed depression and anxiety - the most common form of low mood seen in association with many physical health problems and common social stress.

Bipolar disorder (formally known as manic depressive illness) - depression as part of a more severe illness associated with both high and low periods of mood. This can vary from mild to very severe. Bipolar disorder is frequently misdiagnosed as conditions such as attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), schizophrenia and unipolar depression. In many instances, it has taken 10-15 years before a correct diagnosis has been obtained for patients with bipolar disorder, leaving them untreated or being incorrectly treated.

Nervous breakdown is a term that the public uses to characterise a range of mental illnesses, but generally it describes the experience of "snapping" under immense pressure, mental collapse or mental and physical exhaustion. The mental illness known as a "nervous breakdown" may also be something like panic attacks, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder or acute stress disorder.

The diagnosis that most closely resembles what the public calls a “nervous breakdown” is major depression. Depressive episodes may be caused by genetic and biological factors and are often triggered by social and environmental circumstances. Depression is defined as the "loss of interest or pleasure in nearly all activities" and "sustained fatigue without physical exertion." Depression is characterised by a lack of energy and motivation along with feelings of guilt or hopelessness. It is often brought on by stressful situations, such as relationship difficulties, health problems, the aftermath of an accident or the death of a loved one.

My methods of treatment are through energy and special techniques. I don’t believe medication is always the correct treatment of depression and I’ve helped many of my clients stop medication, which in some cases has been taken for many years. My method is always successful.

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