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Many people are experiencing their own lives and their families falling apart. They do not recognise a possible curse being related to their deteriorating circumstances.

There are different types of Curses – generational/ancestral or curses purposely inflicted on to people through hate, jealousy or many other reasons.

Generational/Ancestral curses

Usually manifested from someone in the past generation having involvement in satanic organisations, black magic/witchcraft etc. These curses follow family members from generation to generation and can affect relationships, health, finances and many other areas.

Curses are not always recognised by people. I recommend if you have any continued situations mentioned above, to spend time looking into the family background and seek help from me.

Black Magic / Witchcraft

This has a history of over 4 thousand years. Total destruction has been directed into many people’s lives and in many cases, sacrifices of human life has been involved. Nowadays there is still a lot of satanic worship and witchcraft around and again, many people are not aware if a curse has been placed on them or their families.

When someone is targeted by a curse, they will feel unhappy, emotionally drained or debilitated. Those who have been the object of spiritual curses will carry a darkness & oppression within themselves, which they have no normal answer for and could presume they are just sick or depressed.

I have a strong spiritual power to remove curses, bless people, their business, homes and whatever situation someone may find themselves in.

Unfinished business

Many people can experience a sighting or strong feeling of a spirit being present in their home. A spirit can be present for many reasons and not able to move on. I have done many spiritual cleansings for houses, which brings ultimate peace and harmony for the family as well as allowing the spirit to move on.

It’s important to understand that before moving to a new home, it’s wise to have it blessed as many houses can hold negative energies [curses & previous problems] which can effect anyone living there, whether it’s life in general, business or relationships etc.

It is most important to acknowledge the importance I place in giving all my clients total confidentiality. Testimonies given in my website are with my client's permission.

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